Why Siyakholwa?

Are you or your business eager to drive holistic and sustainable social transformation?
Look no further!  We are here to help you make a positive impact.

  • Siyakholwa excels as a fund manager, demonstrating unwavering integrity and employing effective systems to oversee community projects. With a keen ability to profile businesses that align with our mission, we ensure that funds managed by Siyakholwa are directed where they can make the most meaningful impact. 

  • With a solid track record, we bring a sense of confidence in your donations and investments.  At the same time, we maintain a relentless focus on enhancing our executive and management governance for continuous improvement.

  • In its unwavering commitment to governance excellence and fiduciary accountability, the Siyakholwa Board has formally ratified policies and provides strategic oversight of financial management, risk assessment, and development impact.

  • We are authorised to issue Socio-economic Development (SED) certificates to South African companies to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

  • Our behaviour is guided by a comprehensive Code of Conduct and policies that align with South African legislation.  These policies encompass crucial areas such as the protection of children, the elderly, and the environment, as well as promoting employment equity, fair employment practices, and ensuring that health and safety standards are upheld.

  • Siyakholwa is a Level One Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) accredited not-for-profit organisation.

  • As a Level One BBBEE organisation, we have the potential to become your strategic equity partner.

  • We are a registered NPO (not-for-profit organisation) and PBO (public benefit organisation) based in South Africa.  As an organisation, we have the authority to issue Section 18A Certificates for donations, providing our supporters with the benefit of tax deductibility.

Support Siyakholwa

In order to continue our efforts and expand our impact, we are in need of additional support.  Your generous contribution can make a significant difference in the rollout of our programmes into various communities.  Whether it is by means of a financial donation, in kind-contribution, or a collaborative opportunity, your support will enable us to do even more than we currently are!

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