The Siyakholwa Bee, Peach and Maize Milling Project

The Siyakholwa Bee and Peach Project represents a thrilling venture that has yielded impressive results.  Over the course of this initiative, approximately 1,000 peach and citrus trees have been meticulously planted, cared for, and successfully harvested. Moreover, this undertaking has empowered local women through comprehensive training in the art of crafting and bottling delectable jams.

Simultaneously, the Bee Keeping Project has taken flight, commencing with the establishment of 30 beehives, with an ambitious target of expanding this number to one hundred within the next two years.  The ultimate vision of this project is to continue to inspire individuals to embark on their own honey-related enterprises, capitalising on the undeniable excellence of Siyakholwa’s locally-produced honey, which has garnered a reputation as the finest in town.