Companies Overview

The Siyakholwa Development Foundation (Siyakholwa) is dedicated to the establishment of sustainable enterprises and projects, focussing on empowering individuals and communities.  We believe in shifting the paradigm from dependency of donors and sponsors to fostering self-reliance through job creation and income generation.

Operating in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa, Siyakholwa, encompasses a diverse range of projects, involving approximately 7,000 individuals.  Our primary objective is to break the cycle of poverty that grips many communities, by participating in one or more of Siyakholwa’s programmes, individuals, not only gain valuable work experience, but also restore their dignity and sense of purpose.

The positive impact of our projects extends beyond the individuals involved

As breadwinners are better equipped to provide for their families, family life more generally undergoes a transformation.  Our efforts aim to improve the economic outlook of participants, thereby fostering stronger and more resilient communities.

Leading the Siyakholwa Development Foundation are Dale Eland and Odwa Njoba who oversee the implementation and progress of our initiatives.

Together, we strive to create a future where self-reliance and sustainable development thrive.

Networx is the education and training component of Siyakholwa.  Its mission is to empower individuals, organisations and communities to unlock their full potential through comprehensive training, skills development, mentoring, and leadership programmes.  Networx is committed to making a meaningful impact in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa.

Networx acknowledges that, while progress has been made in combatting poverty, rural development remains a major hurdle in South Africa.  At the heart of this challenge lies the need for education and training opportunities for rural communities.  By recognising that a large portion of our population comprises school leavers and individuals without access to tertiary institutions, Networx recognised that there is a critical need for affordable education, training, and skills development training that meet the standards and qualifications set by the South African Qualifications Authority.

Accredited and registered training provider

In order to fulfil this need, Siyakholwa established a separate training division in 2013, and the Networx Training Foundation became an accredited and registered training provider with the Education and Training Development Sector (ETDP) SETA.

Our training programmes offer communities a wide range of accredited and non-accredited interventions that combine academic excellence with practical relevance.  Our focus areas include leadership/management and entrepreneurial development, technical skills, lifeskills, farming, and early childhood development.

Training alone is not enough

While we have successfully trained a significant number of learners through our programmes, we recognise that training alone is not enough.  To ensure effectiveness, our training is integrated within a social economic development model that emphasises mentorship and work opportunities.  This approach prepares individuals for job readiness and placement, supports entrepreneurial ventures, and provides supplemental income.

We are committed to driving positive change and creating opportunities for growth and development.

Our focus is centred on addressing critical social issues such as poverty, education, maternal health and child welfare, early childhood development, youth unemployment, and food security.