Think Equal

Siyakholwa is at the forefront of pioneering the implementation of the Think Equal programme in the Eastern Cape, marking a significant step toward transformative change in the region’s education landscape.  Starting with the training of 250 Grade R teachers, Siyakholwa is committed to spearheading this initiative, which seeks to eradicate discriminatory mindsets and break the cycle of violence globally, while ensuring positive outcomes for our children.

Developed in collaboration with renowned experts, the Think Equal programme is specifically designed to instil social and emotional learning in early years, targeting 3 to 6- year-olds.  Government, policymakers, and school networks are encouraged to embrace this programme and ideally make it mandatory as a new subject from the age of 3, a critical window for shaping attitudes, values, and behaviours.  We challenge those entrusted with the care of our children to consider how it can be acceptable for a child to be compelled to learn mathematics, while the opportunity for that child to acquire the skills of valuing another human being and cultivating healthy relationships remains optional.  Siyakholwa envisions the Think Equal programme becoming a cornerstone of education throughout the Eastern Cape, with far-reaching benefits for our children and society as a whole.