The experience of the Siyakholwa leadership team spans many years and the team has developed a reputation for executing projects effectively and getting the job done.

Each entity (Siyakholwa Development Foundation, Networx Training Foundation and Qobo Qobo), although registered non-profits with their own Directors are bound together firstly through relationship, and secondly through a Memorandum of Understanding that is also written into each constitution.

Leadership, from our perspective, is about influence and servanthood and we prefer a team approach where everyone is aligned and working within their passions.

Currently, the Siyakholwa group, across all their companies and projects employ over 80 people at 10 Sites spanning the Eastern Cape, Western Cape, as well as Gauteng. Our administrative hub serving the companies both administratively and financially is based in East London. Our satellite offices where we implement our projects are situated in Keiskammahoek, Grahamstown, Somerset East, Graaf Reinet, Jansenville, Sundays River, Koukamma, Bavians, Delft (Cape Town) and Muldersdrift (Gauteng). Over 7500 people are being reached through the 7 projects.

On a day to day basis the team is managed by the executive team comprised of Odwa Njoba, Greg & Dale Eland, Dumisani Peter and Tafara Shuro.

odwa njobaOdwa Njoba is a dedicated and committed individual who began his working career in the Siyakholwa Development Foundation in 2006. He is passionate about community development, seeing disadvantaged peoples growing and finding their purpose in life.

Growing up in Keiskammahoek Valley near King William’s Town, Odwa has now been part of Siyakholwa Development Foundation for more than 10 years where he continues to develop as a person and a leader and is presently a Director with the Siyakholwa Group.

From 2007 to 2009 he worked as a Project Manager for a Unilever Paprika project funded by DBSA at the Zanyokwe Irrigation Scheme. On this project Odwa was responsible for project planning, management and community facilitation, which involved building relationships with the farmers and the stakeholders, overseeing and organising teams in the paprika fields. He also spent time mentoring and training office staff on administration and management.

For the past 8 years, Odwa was the Operations Manager overseeing and liaising with the Municipal Stakeholders in 8 Municipalities employing more than 7500 participants in the COGTA Community Work Programme (CWP). He has worked with the induction of participants into the programme, mentoring and monitoring site staff, monitoring and evaluating the CWP sites, as well as representing the IA in CWP district, provincial and national meetings.

Currently a Programme Director and joint CEO of Siyakholwa, Odwa has a Diploma in Cost Management Accounting with short course in Project Management, Community Leadership, Contractors Course Certificate and has attended the Innovation in Public Employment Programme Course.

greg eland 250Greg Eland is passionate about his family as well helping people and organizations grow to reach their potential.

Over the last 22 years he has been involved in community projects, education and capacity building, organizational leadership and training, both in the academic and community spheres of South Africa.

Drawing on his vast experience as a programme director with the Salvation Army and also as the Public Relations Officer for the South African Theological Seminary, Greg is currently a member of the executive team of the Siyakholwa Group. His focus includes organizational development, project initiation and development, and he is the founder and CEO of Networx Training Foundation.

In his own words, "Some of the highlights [of working with the Siyakholwa Group] have been developing and growing the projects, fundraising, and for a period acting as the training manager responsible for oversight and management of all training programmes for 8 Community Work Programme Sites (7200 Participants).”

Greg has a Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership from Regent University as well as a 4 year Bachelor of Theology from the University of Zululand. As a life-long learner, Greg is currently enrolled at GIBS studying the Social Entrepreneurship Programme.

dale elandDale Eland is currently the joint CEO of Siyakholwa Development Foundation, an award winning non-profit company based in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. Siyakholwa's mandate is to create jobs and alleviate poverty in communities around the country.

Dale's background and experience include the areas of Finance, Education, and Executive Management in both corporate and non-profit sectors. She and husband Greg, also run a consulting company with a focus on Organizational Leadership, Education and Training, Accounting, and Administrational Services.

They have three young children and, together, their passion is serving their family and seeing disadvantaged communities impacted and transformed.

dumisani 250With a zest for people and putting community projects in place, meet Dumisani Peter, a member of the Siyakholwa Executive Team who has an active role in Smart Start Training and who is also a pastor at the Family Restoration Church in East London. Dumisani has a strong Theological and Ministerial background which includes a long service of 15 years in Youth Ministry through SCM and YFC. He is currently also a Board Member for both Youth for Christ (YFC) in Eastern Cape and for the Networx Training Foundation.

“I am a Community Builder, Church Minister, Life Coach, Training Facilitator and Youth Developer,” smiles Dumisani, who has been involved in programmes such as Community Upliftment, Family Matters, Leadership and Organizational Development. As a mentor and teacher, Dumisani has a heart to train people to reach their potential. “I specialized in equipping and influencing youth, young people and families in Behaviour Change, Institutional Capacity Building, Motivating Healthy Behaviour, Monitoring & Evaluation, Social Life Skills, Personal Emotional Intelligence & Values and Organizational Strategic Planning.”

While working in Siyakholwa and Youth for Christ, Dumisani has participated in different Sector Government Intervention within National and Provincial Departments such as the Department of Cooperative Government & Traditional Affairs; Education, Health, Social Development and Public Work. With strong communication skills and a desire to help the needy, Dumisani has also worked with funding International Organizations such as PEPFA, UNICEF and USAID Programs. “Their focus was to target disadvantaged communities with programs that capacitate, educate, empower and transform people,” he explained.

Dumisani has also facilitated various activities like Basic Counselling; Career Guidance; Child Friendly School; Communication and Speaking Technics Skills; Financial Literacy; HIV & Aids and TB; Life Skills; Substance Abuse, Reproductive Health; Peer Education; Community Awareness Campaigns and Relationship.

“My vision is to impact souls for loving, living and leaving a legacy in their own generations,” he ended.

tafara pres ramaphosa 250Tafara Shuro, a man with a passion for people who strongly believes in the need to make a difference in the community one lives in, has been involved in community development and training for the past several years. He joined Siyakholwa in June 2010 and since has been involved in projects aimed at alleviating poverty and empowering youth and adults alike to become entrepreneurs and generate income.

Currently, Tafara is part of the executive team overseeing the Siyakholwa Group is the project manager for Qobo Qobo Essential Oils, the Business Manager for Siyakholwa, and Lead Trainer for Smartstart, a project whose main goal is to provide access to quality early learning for 3 and 4-year olds. Smartstart is currently being launched in three provinces in South Africa.

He brings visionary and strategic leadership into the team and is passionate about starting and sustaining businesses.

Tafara with President Ramaphosa.