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At least 30 creches in the Keiskammahoek area have benefited from the BrainBoosters Programme which was established in 2014. Once a week, teachers at these facilities receive training in Play&Learn, and with this knowledge are able to stimulate the young children under their care.

Reaching beyond the Eastern Cape, BrainBoosters was implemented in the Muldersdifr area in Gauteng , and in this area, three Creches were established in September 2016.

motor mechanic training 1A Technical Centre with accommodation provides technical and maintenance skills.

A Welding Training programme hosted in 2015 and 2016 saw 120 learners being trained.

Engineering Handskills has 100 learners participating. Similar to an apprentice, a person gets the opportunity to work alongside a craftsman to learn their skill.

The Bright Future programme is a life skills programme that addresses teenage pregnancy, absenteeism, and school drop-outs. Over 1500 learners in 12 Schools in Delft Cape Town have received training in 2017 in the reproductive and puberty education programme.

To impact lives, children need to recognize the importance of staying in school and making choices that will give them a fighting chance, a future and a hope.

Siyakholwa and the Networx programme also address issues like ensuring the basic needs in schools, things we take for granted like providing clean and sanitized toilets, are met.

Leadership & Management Training Accredited (2015) – 40 learners
Leadership & Management Training Non-Accredited 2013-2014  - 50 learners

Looking in-house, Networx oversees and manages all training programmes for eight Community Work Programme Sites with 7 200 participants.