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Supervisory Training (Leadership and Management skills)

This course is facilitated over a process of five days and will assist the learner to gain greater understanding of the foundations of leadership and management and the dynamics of organizational life. The course focuses on:

  • Helping leaders and mangers understand one self
  • The dynamics of an organization and business environment
  • Management and leadership skills including planning, organizing, leading and monitoring

New Venture Creation

This exciting qualification (NQF level 2) forms the basis for structured programmes for potential and existing entrepreneurs to capitalize on opportunities to start and grow sustainable businesses. Those who intend to set up or have already set up their own ventures will benefit greatly from this programme.

The qualification focuses on the following areas:

  • Develops appropriate skills and knowledge for the establishment and development of an enterprise.
  • Addresses the economic/administrative and behavioural barriers that contribute to failures in starting and sustaining an enterprise.
  • Create long-term solutions for job creation and SMME development via the building blocks and structure of a qualification that practically addresses the learning requirements of budding entrepreneurs.

motor mechanic training 1Networx Training Foundation has not only recognized the importance of training but also the long term contribution to meeting South Africa skills shortages. At our training premises in Keiskammahoek we have established a formal technical training centre that provides short technical courses that constitute credits towards NQF registered qualifications. Through our partnership with the Master Artisan Academy in East London who is an accredited training provider that specializes in the training and up-skilling of artisans with specific focus areas in electrical and mechanical engineering, welding and renewable energy. Through our partnership we offer welding, maintenance handyman skills (Engineering Handskills), and Health and Safety programmes which includes accommodation and food for the learners.

Communities and individuals live in environments where it is important to cooperate with other people and be equipped with coping mechanisms to handle and deal with the challenges of life. Basic foundational skills such as being able to communicate effectively with each other, dealing with conflict, believing in yourself and knowing what you want from life are important life skills to cope in today’s world. We are passionate about equipping individuals and communities in some of these basic skills for life. These include:

Financial Life Skills

The modules lay the foundation for prosperity and an understanding that all individuals can live a profitable life. The course also equips participants on how to put together a personal budget.

Computer Proficiency

This course has been facilitated with success to different levels of people in rural communities. The course lays the foundation for computer skills and develops basic computer proficiency.

Our training Centre in Keiskammahoek empower learner in:

  • Basic Concepts of Computers
  • The Word Environment
  • Formatting and Editing
  • Basics of Excel

Persons or organisations operating within the Training and Education industry who work with accredited programmes are required to have or be registered facilitators, assessors and moderators. Networx offer a variety of developmental programmes to equip staff to successfully role out projects through the following courses:

Facilitation Skills (TRAIN THE TRAINER)

This course gives the learner an opportunity to acquire the competencies to become an accredited and more effective facilitator. This course is highly experiential and many of the activities entail group work, independent research and involve sourcing the knowledge and experiences of skilled facilitators.

Delegates attend four initial days of training. During the fifth day delegates have to present an oral facilitation session on a Unit Standard of their choice for assessment.

Conduct Outcomes-Based Assessment

This course equips the learner to guide and assess people in a specific industry and gives you the opportunity to become a generic assessor that allows you to assess in any field in which you are a subject matter expert.

Conduct Outcomes-Based Moderation

Moderation is the process of checking to assure that the assessment process was performed to standard. Moderation ensures that people who are being assessed are assessed in a consistent, accurate and well-designed manner. It ensures that all Assessors who assess a particular unit standard or qualification are using comparable assessment methods and making similar and consistent judgments about learners’ performance.

Moderation of assessment occurs at both the level of the provider (internal moderation), and the level of the ETQA (external moderation, done by a verifier or team of verifiers).

This course is intended for assessors who wish to increase their competence and employability to moderate assessments against unit standards and/or qualifications.

The Bright Future programme is a life skills programme that addresses teenage pregnancy, absenteeism, and school drop-outs. Over 3000 learners in 70 Schools in Delft (Cape Town), Muldersdrift(Gauteng) and the Eastern Cape have received training since 2014 in the reproductive and puberty education programme.

To impact lives, children need to recognize the importance of staying in school and making choices that will give them a fighting chance, a future and a hope.

Siyakholwa and the Networx programme also address issues like ensuring the basic needs in schools, things we take for granted like providing clean and sanitized toilets, are met.

This is a structured learning programme through the Servive SETA which includes theoretical and practical workplace experiential learning over a period of 12 months and leads to an occupationally related qualification registered on the National Qualification Framework. Learners are allocated a monthly stipend for the duration of the programme and placed at Siyakholwa for work experience.

Siyakholwa and Networx are currently managing and facilitating this programme in Keiskamahoek and Cape Town for over 150 learners.

Looking in-house, Networx oversees and manages all training programmes for eight Community Work Programme Sites with 7 200 participants, facilitates the Smart Start 5 day “On Board Training” as well as providing proposal writing, business development, strategic Planning and organizational development services to the Siyakholwa Group.