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The Siyakholwa Development Foundation is geared to building sustainable enterprises and projects. We promote a pardigm where instead of people and communities relying on donors or sponsors for sustenance, they work on jobs where revnue is created and they ultimately develop their own income, becoming self-reliant.

In the Eastern Cape alone around 7100 people take part in the Siyakholwa Development Foundation (SDF), which is in essence a community work programme comprised of various projects.

The aim is to break the cycle of poverty. The impact of this project sees dignity and a sense of purpose restored to those participating in the SDF programme. People are given a work experience, not only changing their economic outlook but changing the family life at home as bread-winners are better able to provide for those they love.

The Siyakholwa Development Foundation is overseen by Dale Eland and Odwa Njoba.

Siyakholwa Development Foundation was chosen as the site for former President Jacob Zuma to launch Phase 3 of the Expanded Public Works Programme on the 3rd of October 2014. Over 3000 people were in attendance for this event and SDF was privileged to host then President Zuma, Ministers of Parliament, and a host of government leaders. SDF was acknowledged by the President as a model site in the country.

The Kamoso Awards for the best Community Work Programme project in the country, was won by Siyakholwa Development Foundation on 26 November 2014.


SDF Projects

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Networx is the Siyakholwa Education and Training programme which prepares people for life and leadership!

With a head office based in East London, and satellite offices in Gauteng and Cape Town, the aim of Networx is to equip and empower people and poor communities to reach their full potential. This is done through multiple skills development, training and consulting services.

Siyakholwa Development Foundation know that although progress has been made in the fight against poverty, rural development remains a challenge in South Africa and at the centre of this mountain is education and training for rural people.

Training is a critical part of the Community Work Programme that not only benefits the participants but plays an important role in addressing South Africa’s skills shortages. Programmes range from leadership and management courses to practical hands-on training such as welding.

A huge focus is on early child development, where Networx, with the Brain Booster programme, is leaving its mark on crèches and implementing play and learn initiatives to mould the minds of little people. Networx extends its passion to school children, with Bright Futures where the Reproductive, Puberty and Entrepreneurial Programme is implemented.

Training is key to the sustainability of projects and with the starting of the Community Work Programme in Keiskammahoek in 2009, the demand for more comprehensive and meaningful training was required. SDF recognized the need for affordable, accessible, accredited and tailor-made capacity building solutions for rural communities.

A separate training arm was established in March 2013 and is accredited and registered as a training provider with the ETDP SETA. This training offers poor communities a variety of both accredited and non-accredited training interventions that are both academically sound and practically relevant. The core competencies focus on leadership/management and entrepreneurial development, technical skills, life skills, farming, and early childhood development.

Networx, a subsidiary of the Siyakholwa Group (Pty) Ltd umbrella, and is overseen by Greg Eland and Dumisani Peter.


Networx Projects

siyakholwa business

The primary purpose of Siyakholwa Business will be to set up a cluster of sustainable enterprises and services for profit which enable marginalized communities in South Africa and beyond to grasp opportunities and overcome poverty and joblessness.

Currently the Qobo Qobo Essential Oils is the sole entity under Siyakholwa Business. However, other proposed future businesses include: Bee Keeping, Peaches/Jam Making, Maize Milling, Metal Work, and Management Services.


Siyakholwa Businesses