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The Community Work Programme (CWP) is a South African government programme that provides an employment safety net. It supplements livelihood strategies by providing a basic level of income security through work. The programme was started to address high unemployment and contributes to strategic goals of government in addressing poverty and unemployment. It is based on the recognition that policies to address unemployment and create decent work will take time to reach people living in marginalised areas with few opportunities.

The CWP does not replace government’s social grants programme but supplements it.

The programme is targeted at unemployed and underemployed women and men of working age. It aims to give those willing and able to work the opportunity to do so, and afford them the dignity and social inclusion that comes from this. What makes the CWP different is that it is also a community programme. Work must be ‘useful work’. It must improve the area and the quality of life for the people living there. This includes fixing community assets like schools, road and parks, and setting up food gardens. People in the area help to decide on the kind of work needed, and what is most urgent. This could be looking after orphans and vulnerable children, helping sick people, assisting teachers at schools, looking after children while their parents are at work, and working with the local police to improve safety and reduce crime.
Currently Siyakholwa are an implementing agent in the Eastern cape managing over 7200 Participants. Siyakholwa have excelled in this programme and were the winners of the EPWP Non-State Sector Komaso Awards for the best CWP project in 2014 &2015.

Siyakholwa was also chosen as the site for the Expanded Public Works Programme’s phase 3 launch on the 3 October 2014 and acknowledged as model Site by the President of South Africa.

Early CWP Projects

School, Creche and Community Maintenance