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Persons or organisations operating within the Training and Education industry who work with accredited programmes are required to have or be registered facilitators, assessors and moderators. Networx offer a variety of developmental programmes to equip staff to successfully role out projects through the following courses:

Facilitation Skills (TRAIN THE TRAINER)

This course gives the learner an opportunity to acquire the competencies to become an accredited and more effective facilitator. This course is highly experiential and many of the activities entail group work, independent research and involve sourcing the knowledge and experiences of skilled facilitators.

Delegates attend four initial days of training. During the fifth day delegates have to present an oral facilitation session on a Unit Standard of their choice for assessment.

Conduct Outcomes-Based Assessment

This course equips the learner to guide and assess people in a specific industry and gives you the opportunity to become a generic assessor that allows you to assess in any field in which you are a subject matter expert.

Conduct Outcomes-Based Moderation

Moderation is the process of checking to assure that the assessment process was performed to standard. Moderation ensures that people who are being assessed are assessed in a consistent, accurate and well-designed manner. It ensures that all Assessors who assess a particular unit standard or qualification are using comparable assessment methods and making similar and consistent judgments about learners’ performance.

Moderation of assessment occurs at both the level of the provider (internal moderation), and the level of the ETQA (external moderation, done by a verifier or team of verifiers).

This course is intended for assessors who wish to increase their competence and employability to moderate assessments against unit standards and/or qualifications.