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Communities and individuals live in environments where it is important to cooperate with other people and be equipped with coping mechanisms to handle and deal with the challenges of life. Basic foundational skills such as being able to communicate effectively with each other, dealing with conflict, believing in yourself and knowing what you want from life are important life skills to cope in today’s world. We are passionate about equipping individuals and communities in some of these basic skills for life. These include:

Financial Life Skills

The modules lay the foundation for prosperity and an understanding that all individuals can live a profitable life. The course also equips participants on how to put together a personal budget.

Computer Proficiency

This course has been facilitated with success to different levels of people in rural communities. The course lays the foundation for computer skills and develops basic computer proficiency.

Our training Centre in Keiskammahoek empower learner in:

  • Basic Concepts of Computers
  • The Word Environment
  • Formatting and Editing
  • Basics of Excel