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The word Siyakholwa means "We Believe."

The Siyakholwa Group has endeavored to restore belief and hope to poor communities where there has been little or no hope.

Poverty is a reality, but hope can inspire change. What started off as Siyakholwa community projects in the Eastern Cape in 1998, has gained momentum, and with the aid of government and private investment, communities and lives are being transformed. The future is bright for South Africa and developing communities around the globe. We hope to model the truth that change is possible.

The Siyakholwa Group is a structure that has been established to bring together the group of companies that have evolved out of Siyakholwa Development Foundation over the last 17 years.

The Siyakholwa Group is made up of three main companies focusing on different segments to alleviate poverty. The Siyakholwa Development Foundation is focused on community projects, Networx Training Foundation helps challenged communities through training solutions and capacity building in the area of leadership, entrepreneurial development, life skills, technical and early childhood development interventions. Siyakholwa Business, primarily existing presently as Qobo Qobo, Siyakholwa’s Essential Oils project, brings the hope of entrepreneurship and profitable business models. Each company is overseen by the executive team responsible for oversight, leadership and management.

Our focus is helping communities and people become independent and realize the skills they possess and the potential of available resources. Our projects help make this a reality.

Join us as we work to break the cycle of poverty, helping people reach their potential and ultimately transform the economy and quality of life in their communities.

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