Foundation’s role: Implementing agent
Started: June 2008
Funders: Development Bank of Southern Africa (DBSA)
Funder’s investment: R7 million
Scope of project: 60 hectares (1st year); 50 hectares (2nd year)

Project factfile

• Fifty hectares of maize was planted as a rotational crop in the second year.
• Good yields of paprika were achieved.
• The success of these farmers proved what could be achieved by emerging farmers with paprika.
• Some of the farmers have achieved results that are easily comparable to commercial operations.
• Most of the paprika produced during the foundation’s involvement was of A Grade quality.
• AsgiSA Eastern Cape (now the Eastern Cape Rural Development Agency) is to manage this project in the future.
• Two hundred and twenty jobs were created.
• Wages to the value of R2 million was distributed.